The Story So Far . . .


In the world of Wordsea, a lost kingdom of the English Language, Clarissia is divided by mysterious feuds between clans of mercenaries, pirates, and spies. A mysterious figure known as Robert Thompson is one of the only people on Earth who can find it.

A complete cross-section of this society finds reasons in epochal political developments to emigrate to a new colony on The Coast of Sin already claimed by a rival colonial power called Bastillia.

Though it has no real political organization, the outlaw Clarissian Nobility that uses the region to escape prosecution in their home islands calls the enterprise The Republic of Sin. The leaders of this movement are Captain Priam D’Guile, 7th Earl of Sufferfool, an infamously homocidal and sociopathic military commander, and Sir Iverse Steeplechase, Lord Steeplepine, a notorious alchemist, libertine, and social theorist who intends to set himself up as governor.

Through an obscure nationalist-occult ritual they imbue a debutante from one of the oldest families in Oldestland named Genevieve Anne Thane, Lady Evermore, with the mystical authority to establish the colony. She uses her hypnotic powers to recruit an army to invade the culturally hostile tropical paradise and subdue the native tribes of The Coast of Sin, chief among them, the Yamaqui.

Their first foray secures the port village of Point Poems for the Clarissian Invader, but disaster lurks in every direction they explore, from dread diseases and intoxicating erotic vegetation to bands of cat-headed, cannibal amazons. When the officers return to Clarissia to recruit and recover, a mutiny in their absence succeeds in sparking a major war with a confederation of all the coast’s tribes.

Meanwhile, back in Clarissia, only a few Clarissians, notably Genevieve herself, realize that the Yamaqui possess a bizarre and dangerous reproductive technology that will change their world forever, even as a generation of game lads sets off, paradoxically, to save their ancient way of life by forging a new nation in a far-away land.